Smith Bathroom Remodel

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Working with Patin Construction Group was just “What the Doctor Ordered”. Our home had flooded in 2016, we had structural damage, and we wanted to do a remodel and PCG was the answer. Of the four local construction companies we interviewed, PCG stood above them all. We wanted a general contractor that we could trust, guide us, manage the project, have the knowledge to handle the structure of the house, problem-solve issues as they arose, and deliver a high-quality product IN a timely manner. PCG delivered. We would highly recommend PCG for remodeling, additions, to new construction. They can do it all and do it right. Upon request, we would be delighted to show what PCG did for our house to make it our home again or answer any questions if Jeff or Chris deem it meaningful to your project. Thank you again, PCG!

Dr. Sean and Domenica Smith


6002 Perkins Road, Suite B4

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone: 225-478-9135

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